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Here is a little about me!

I grew up in New Jersey in the country, loving the outdoors and books and reading. One of my earliest memories is sitting on the sofa with my younger sister while Mother or Dad read to us or spun stories.

There were many stories. My father was an engineer who loved poetry and my Mom a teacher who loved all literature. They both had a deep fascination with history, particularly the story of American history. We also heard all the stories of my Mom's literary family, her grandfather was a poet - and a policeman - , her uncle a New York newspaper editor, and her mother a teacher who wrote children's stories for local Philadelphia papers and magazines. So of course I wanted to take up my pen and write too.

At our library in Chatham, as soon as you could write your name, you were allowed to have your own library card – a badge of honor! My sister and I would go into the library with great excitement but with trepidation, since at that time no one could speak above a whisper and the librarians were very strict! And frequently would frown dreadfully at you! I'm glad things have changed.

But we loved the library. Besides the shelves filled with books for little children there was a shelf that said "For those who are eight and nine". Then there were all the books for older readers to find and discover. Above the fireplace of the library was the quotation, "Know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free." We wondered – finding truth in books!

I read all kinds of books, many about different areas of our great land and some about other countries and cultures. We had one set of old books titled LANDS AND PEOPLES, about far off and exotic lands.

When I was young I began writing stories about the adventures of my pets and dolls (write what you know is often the advice). Now I write picture books, stories of fun and the wonder of discovery for small children, and picture story books and nonfiction books for older children. Some focus on the natural splendor of our country, the canyons, mountains, seas, and wildlife, and some celebrate the characters and events in the history of our nation. History is a story - and the story of America is of fascinating people who worked to found and build our nation.

In college at Skidmore, I majored in political science and took many other classes in economics, history, art history and, of course, English literature. After obtaining a MPA at New York University I took a job in New York doing economic research and analysis. This was excellent training for an author since economic and business writing must be precise and concise!

While I was busy taking care of our two sons I took writing classes and then courses in children's literature. I enrolled in one of the eminent classes in writing for children's writers at the New School in New York in Margaret Gabel's class, and learned from a great professor many excellent writers. I'm also a member of a great critique group of children's writers. We help each other with our manuscripts, making suggestions on plot, characters, believability, language and style.

I have worked with numerous community groups - many involving children - schools, scouting, tutoring, museums, environment and history. I especially love the Washington Association of NJ which preserves the legacy and leadership of George Washington at his Revolutionary War Headquarters in Morristown,.

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